Sugar and Ice

Do you have a passion – something you find yourself totally absorbed in, something that makes you feel free and easy?  Claire does.  She loves to ice skate.  She loves the wind blowing through her hair.  She loves the energy of the music as it guides her across the ice.  Skating is happiness and joy, until it becomes work.

Sugar and Ice

In Sugar and Ice by Kate Messner, Claire’s passion leads her to Lake Placid, regional skating championships and an extremely competitive and sometimes unfriendly world.  She is skating.  She is learning a lot about both skating and herself.  She is missing her family, her friends and most of the others things she loves about her life.  Claire has to make some very hard choices.  What would you do?

3 thoughts on “Sugar and Ice

  1. Hi Mackenna! I’m so glad you found our blog. Have you read The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. That is another great book by Kate Messner. It is fun. I think you’d like Callie B. Gold too. I have it in my classroom if it’s not in the library. Thanks for reading! Enjoy.

  2. I loved this book!! It was very good from the start and I would read it again. I love this website, it is good for the next great books that everyone will love and I now know were to go!!!

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