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A teacher from our school found out about our blog and really likes it. She asked if we could put her students’ reviews on the blog. I said of course and so did Mrs. Eaves so some of the upcoming reviews and posts will be written by the students of 5ER. They will be tagged “By Guest Bloggers”. Look for those posts!! They will be new and different from our reviews so try to tune in when they are being posted!

One thought on “Upcoming Reviews

  1. I am excited to be on summer vacation and to have time to read through my stacks of books. I am trying to meet the “book a day challenge.” So far, so good. I am also excited about having more time to post on our blog and share lots of books with the fabulous readers I know. Thanks to the 5th graders (well – I guess 6th graders now) who have written book reviews for us to share. We may have some reviews from 4th graders (well – technically 5th graders) too. I’ll get on that! I hope you’ll read the posts and take time to let us know what you think of the blog, of the books once you’ve read them and of reading in general.
    Why do you read?
    How do you make time for reading in the summer? (True confessions – I never did as a kid. Glad my mom read to me though- everyday until I got into high school.)

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