Conspiracy 365

Conspiracy 365

Author: Gabriella Lord

Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by: Ben

January (Conspiracy 365)

The books I recommend are from the Conspiracy 365 series. These books have nonstop action. There are 12 books and each is labeled by month. This is because there is a boy named Callumn Ormond who is on the run and has to figure out his dad’s riddle!! It’ll change the world. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a mystery.

Eggs Over Evie

Title: Eggs Over Evie

Author: Alison Jackson

Genre: realistic fiction

Review by: Katelyn

Rating: 5

Eggs over Evie

Hi everyone, I’m here to tell you about the book called, Eggs Over Evie. It is a good book choice for girls 8-13 years old. It’s not part of a series; it’s a stand-alone book. I enjoyed this book very much because it has a strong hook about a girl that loves baking. She also loves dogs. Her parents are divorced and her dad is a baker. It is a story with a lot about family problems. I liked this book because it was detailed and I could kind of relate to it. If you love to bake this is a great book for YOU!



by Christoper Paolini

receives a 5 star rating from guest reviewer – Waren

Eragon (Inheritance, #1) This thrilling adventure will make you dive into the book immediately and you will never want to stop reading it. I think this book made me really enjoy fantasy.   I like it more than other books I have read.  I also think that Eragon was a really good book because it’s action packed.  It is about a boy who finds an egg in the forest called The Black Spine.  He finds a turquoise blue dragon egg that hatches and he becomes a dragon rider.  I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the fourth in the series to come out.

(Inheritance’s release date is November 8, 2011.  We hope that remains true!)

The Trumpet of the Swan

The Trumpet of the Swan

By E.B. White

The Trumpet of the Swan

I love this book: Trumpet of the Swan. It’s about a swan that is born different from all his brothers and sisters. Because of this he also finds out that there is another way he is different – in a musical way. If you like adventures this book is a real adventure. There’s a robbery of the trumpet and a fox that tries to kill the mother. I loved this book because I like swans and this is a swan story so it was a good book to read.

If you read and liked Charlotte’s Web you should like Trumpet of the Swan. If you like nature and swans then you should read it. This book has a strong hook that explains about a musical swan with a lot of surprises up its sleeve.  The bad thing is it’s so interesting but there’s no sequel. This book is good for 8-12 year-olds.

I hope you read this book. It’s really good.