Conspiracy 365

Conspiracy 365

Author: Gabriella Lord

Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by: Ben

January (Conspiracy 365)

The books I recommend are from the Conspiracy 365 series. These books have nonstop action. There are 12 books and each is labeled by month. This is because there is a boy named Callumn Ormond who is on the run and has to figure out his dad’s riddle!! It’ll change the world. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a mystery.

2 thoughts on “Conspiracy 365

  1. Hi Ben!
    This sounds very similar to the Alex Rider series because the characters are about the same in age and the same kind of theme. If you have not read the Alex Rider series, the first one is called “Stormbreaker” and that and the whole series is by Anthony Horwitz. I think that if you enjoyed these books, you will probably like the Alex Rider series. I’ve heard so much about this series, and now you’ve got me looking.

  2. Ben,
    This sounds like an exciting, action-packed series. I would not want to be challenged to find out who had killed my dad in 365 days. That would be especially tough for a 15 year old I imagine.
    As I read your review it made me think of the Alex Rider series. Do you think they are alike?
    Thanks for the review. Happy Reading, Mrs. Eaves

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