Eggs Over Evie

Title: Eggs Over Evie

Author: Alison Jackson

Genre: realistic fiction

Review by: Katelyn

Rating: 5

Eggs over Evie

Hi everyone, I’m here to tell you about the book called, Eggs Over Evie. It is a good book choice for girls 8-13 years old. It’s not part of a series; it’s a stand-alone book. I enjoyed this book very much because it has a strong hook about a girl that loves baking. She also loves dogs. Her parents are divorced and her dad is a baker. It is a story with a lot about family problems. I liked this book because it was detailed and I could kind of relate to it. If you love to bake this is a great book for YOU!

2 thoughts on “Eggs Over Evie

  1. Great Katelyn!
    It appears that the main character Evie has a lot of family problems and she has to cope with. And it is probably hard for her. This looks like an awesome book!

  2. Katelyn,
    Thanks for your review. It sounds like Evie has a lot to deal with in her life. If you like this book, you may also like The Dragon of Cripple Creek. The main character Kat, has a lot of family issues to deal with too but she does it in a very different way.
    Happy Reading,
    Mrs. Eaves

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