Close to Famous

Title: Close to Famous

Author: Joan Bauer

Close to FamousGenre: realistic fiction

Review by: Isabel

When a young girl with a severe learning disability is hit with a wave of reality, she must survive with only her single mom, and a cooking TV show for comfort.  However, all is not lost when her mother’s abusive boyfriend strikes.  Can Foster Mc Fee save her family with her newfound passion to bake?

My name is Isabel, and I am here to tell you about a book called Close to Famous by Joan Bauer.  This is realistic fiction, and I recommend it to anyone who loves to cook or bake.  The reason why I enjoyed this book is because it was very well written and I felt like I was sitting next to the main character for almost the whole book.  This is a must read for anyone liking to someday be on television, or a chef show.  I give this story a rating of five out of five stars.  I say this because it had a great mix of sweet and sour, with a different sort of hope lingering in the text as you read.  Although it’s not part of a series, it is a fabulous novel on its own.   I feel like kids anywhere from grade 4 and up should be able to read it with parent permission.  I couldn’t name any book that was similar to this read, but only because it was unique in its own way.  I loved this book, and definitely recommend that you make it a point to check it out from your local library.  What kept me hooked on this novel was the fact that a famous actress living in Foster’s town teaches her to read and write while in return Foster taught the actress to bake.  I found that this book was full of joyful surprises.  If you want to find out what happens to Foster in her new life in Virginia, read this book!

One thought on “Close to Famous

  1. Isabel, thanks for your review. It sounds like a great book with lots of original twists to the story. I like the idea of it being about food and cooking. I enjoy books with that theme especially if they inspire me to cook different things. It reminded me of “It’s Raining Cupcakes”by Lisa Schroeder. Isabel is the main character of that story which revolves around family challenges, friendship, baking and a wish so see the world. It will be fun to see how the two books compare, if at all.
    Happy Reading!
    Mrs. Eaves

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