Fire Star

Title: Fire Star

Fire Star (The Last Dragon Chronicles, #3)Author: Chris D’Lacey

Genre: fantasy

Review by: Peyton

Fire Star is a four star, fantasy novel written by Chris D’Lacey. There are dragons that go shopping for shoes and go to get their nails done. I love this book because I love dragons and the book is funny. But my favorite part of the book is that when David writes his story in the book, and what he is writing, comes true. You should read Fire Star because you will be so anxious to keep reading once you start. What kept me hooked is that there is always something new in each chapter. It is part of a series, The Last Dragon Chronicles, and this is the third.

In this part of this series, David is faced with a perilous task. Gilwania is back and the race for Ragnar’s Tooth is on. David goes on a research trip to the arctic. He writes a story that comes true. Will David survive?

If you haven’t already, read The Fire Within (#1 in the series) as well as Ice Fire (#2) before reading this book!

2 thoughts on “Fire Star

  1. Peyton,

    Your last paragraph. “In this part…Will David survive?” Is a very well written few sentences and you should be extremely proud of them. I am very impressed, you should think about a career in writing.


  2. Peyton,
    Thanks for your review. I love books about dragons too. I’ve been seeing this series for quite a while but haven’t chosen it yet. I like the idea of dragons doing human things like shopping and getting manicures. That seems different than other books. I’ll make sure to add this series to my list.
    You might like the series that begins with Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George. The dragons in those books have interesting personalities and quite a variety of collections that serve as their hoards. My favorite is the dragon who collects dogs.
    Hope you’re reading great things this summer too.
    Mrs. Eaves

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