The Sherlock Files: The Hundred Year Old Secret

The Sherlock Files The Hundred Year Old Secret

By Tracy Barrett

The 100-Year-Old Secret (The Sherlock Files)Genre: Mystery

Rating: 5 Stars

Review by: Ryan

Summary: Xena and Xander find out they are related to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes when they move to London from the United States. They are given Mr. Holmes’s casebook. When they receive the casebook they will try to solve a mystery any way they can but, they don’t know how dangerous mystery solving can be.

Ryan’s Review: I loved this book because I was on the edge of my seat through out the whole book. I also like mystery because I like to guess what’s going to happen next.

If you didn’t like the first book or thought it was ok try reading these books

  • The Beast of Blackslope (2nd)
  • The Case That Time Forgot (3rd) (The best book in the series)
  • The Missing Heir (4th) (I haven’t read this yet! It just came out)

All of these books are great and even better than the first!

If you like mystery, action, solving things and putting yourself in the characters shoes you will definitely like this book! This book will make you read the others!

There are not many slow or boring parts in this book, which, I think a lot of people like. The only parts that are slow are when they are thinking about the case or at the start of the book when they introduce you to Xena and Xander. All of this kept me reading all of these books.

Tracy’s new book Dark of the Moon! Coming this fall!

One thought on “The Sherlock Files: The Hundred Year Old Secret

  1. Ryan, thanks for your great review. I have only read the first in the series and I liked it very much. If all the others are even better then I really have to get reading. I will add them to my summer stack.
    What are your reading now?
    Mrs. Eaves

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