Edison’s Gold

Edison’s Gold by Geoff Watson brings friendship, invention and history together to create an original tale ofEdison's Gold what might have been and what could be.  Set in present day New York City, Tom Edison discovers some huge changes are coming in his life, and not just because he keeps causing disasters through hisfailed inventions.  Tom doesn’t want to move to Wichita.  He doesn’t want to leave the two best friends a person could have.  There has to be a way to stay – if only he can make an invention work – if only he can follow in the footsteps of his namesake and great great grandfather.

Just as it seems all hope seems lost, Tom discovers a clue in his basement laboratory- an original photograph left by his famous relative with an odd rose-like symbol.  This launches Tom’s quest – a race against time to solve the hidden mystery. If he can solve it there is a chance he can keep his family from moving, help save their house and restore honor to the Edison name. It’s a challenge uncovering the century old secrets, made even more difficult by evil billionaire out to avenge historical rivalries by stealing Tom’s secret.

Edison’s Gold is an exciting adventure.  There is danger and challenge.  The characters are great friends supporting each other in covert missions, reading codes and solving problems that unite present day with historical sites in New York City. Personalities like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Theodore Roosevelt, Babe Ruth are woven into the tale to add interesting connections for lots of different readers. There’s sure to be a sequel – the secret is saved, but the mystery is certainly not over.  Have fun reading Edison’s Gold.  You’ll be glad you did.