Five-Minute Crimebusters: Clever Mini-Mysteries

Five-Minute Crimebusters: Clever Mini-Mysteries

     Thomas P. Stanwick, amateur logician is friends with Investigator Matt Walker. Matt Walker comes upon everything in the crime world. Theft, murder, you name it. Stanwick often comes along to the crime scene or takes in the verbal account from Matt Walker so he can try to solve them for and with Matt. He always can decipher the problem that is in store so why don’t you try along with him. Read these awesome riddles and you won’t be able to shut off the light at bedtime! Five-Minute Crimebusters: Clever Mini-Mysteries by Stan Smith is an excellent book that you have to think about to get the answer. I would recommend this book to anyone!

Here is another book, Five-Minute Mini-Mysteries that has the same kind of theme to it and by the same author but I have not read it. Drop us a comment if you have!

  •Click here to buy Five-Minute Crimebusters: Clever Mini-Mysteries on!

  •Click here to buy Five-Minute Mini-Mysteries on!

4 thoughts on “Five-Minute Crimebusters: Clever Mini-Mysteries

  1. I am so glad you are reading … it is humbling to know how much a comment means. I need to do a much better job.
    Thank you so much for reading our blog. We hope we can share more and more…
    Happy Vacation!

  2. I am very much looking forward to checking out these mysteries. I’ve read Two-Minute Mysteries, but these two books look like great options for our fifth grade mystery unit. Thanks for posting! Mrs. Johnston

  3. Matt,
    You are amazing! Just when guilt is getting the best of me you come to the rescue with an amazing post. I’ll check it out for sure, but I am guessing it will not be my forte.
    How did you discover this book?
    Can’t wait to check it out.
    Mrs. Eaves

  4. I read one or two (or ten:) of these a night and it was really fun to have a brain teaser at night. The riddles also have a story so they are also enjoyable reads not just thinkers.

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