Inheritance (Inheritance, #4)Inheritance

By Christopher Paolini

880 pages of engaging fantasy for middle readers

I was eagerly awaiting the release of Inheritance. I was afraid I had forgotten important connections and characters since reading Brisinger, but right from the start I was back in Alagaesia, with Eragon and Saphira, and their Varden allies.  I was immediately caught up in complexity of the decisions the leaders must make to do what is best for their people and for the land.  I love the strength of Nasuada.  I admire the calm, steadfastness of Orik.  I appreciate the humanness of Roran and his total commitment to family and returning to the Spine.

There is so much to gain, but so much to lose –so much has already been lost.  No life will ever be the same for any Alagasian – not one, but hopefully living in fear will be over and living with hope can begin. It is never easy to see clearly. That is even more difficult when the choices made mean the death of so many allies and countrymen.  Aragorn, Saphira, Arya, and Roran know the fate of goodness and truth relies on them.  The fate of their world rests on their willingness to give all to defeat Galbatorix.

The twists and turns, the learning and magic, and the ancient connections that are revealed as the story unfolds will not disappoint readers. The story is full of traps and mazes, sieges and vision quests, unexpected monsters, evil priests and so much more.

How do you find the strength not to give up when all seems lost and hopeless?  How do you continue on making selfless choices?  Now that I’ve finished the book and have had a few weeks to consider its intricacies and questions, I wonder at the choices made and not made – and how all of that relates to the good and evil in our world now.  How often are we manipulated and controlled without our realization?  How often do we know, but feel impotent or incapable of finding the energy to question and the strength to resist?  How often do we miss the magic of ordinary things around us?  How often do we take time to know the full truth?  Do we recognize the power that resides there?

The books may be over, but the story continues on.  I am looking forward to reading them again – over and over.  I think you will too!