“…car accident…called the ambulance…intensive care…nothing anyone could do…so sorry.”

Ian Rider, Alex’s uncle, is dead. The police say that his uncle’s car was hit by a truck and he was killed almost instantly, but he was the last person that Alex thought would forget to wear a seatbelt. When he investigates, he finds something awful. “Ian Rider hadn’t died in any accident. What had killed him was plain to see – even to someone who had never seen such a thing before. A spray of bullets had caught the car full on the driver’s side, shattering the front tire, smashing the windshield and side windows, and punching into the side panels.” His uncle had been murdered. Then, soon after, he finds out that his uncle has been training him all his life to be a spy at MI6, just like he was! To find out what happens to Alex and his murdered spy uncle, read Stormbreaker and the rest of the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz.

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Of course, every author has a website nowadays, so here is Anthony Horowitz’s website:

Click here for the Alex Rider website! It has downloads, news, an Alex Rider bio and much more!

Click here to buy the book from! Only 8.99!

There was a movie made back in 2006 of Stormbreaker and it was pretty accurate to the story. I would recommend it to anyone who has read Stormbreaker.

Here is the trailer: