Bigger than a Bread Box

Bigger than a Bread BoxBigger than a Bread Box

by Laurel Snyder

223 pages of combined realistic fiction and fantasy for middle grade readers

Do all things have both a good and a bad side?

There are too many changes coming all too fast.  Rebecca’s home is in Baltimore.  It is where she belongs and where she needs to be, but she is not there.  She is in Atlanta feeling alone and angry and confused.  After the last angry fight, her mother grabbed her and her 2-year old brother, Lew and run away.  They left their father behind and ran to her Gran in Atlanta.  Atlanta is fine, but all wrong.

While hiding with her anger from her mom, Rebecca discovers bread box in the attic.  It stands out in that dusty place because it is shiny, bright and clean.  Rebecca brings it to her room where she learns of its power – things she wishes for — clothes, lip gloss, ipods — magically appear. Of course though, wishes have both good and bad sides and magic is never what it first seems to be.  Rebecca doesn’t stop to think where the items actually come from until it’s almost too late. By then, however, Rebecca realizes that what she truly wants — and needs — would never fit in the shiny red bread box.

Once you begin, you won’t want to stop – but do every once in a while.  This story brings up so many questions and ideas.  Snyder’s story is compelling. Rebecca is a totally real as she struggles with her desire to be popular and her instinct to do the right thing.

This book trailer created by a 12-year old reader is a wonderful summary of you should read this great book.

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