Lower the Trap

Lower the Trapby Jessica Scott Kerrin

125 pages of real life as a fisherman – you’ll be glad you read it.

Lower the Trap is first book in the Lobster Chronicles trilogy.  It tells the tale of lobstermen and fishermen in Nova Scotia.  The work is real.  The people are real.  The struggles are real and Graeme Swinimer is stuck in the middle.  He knows everything there is to know about Lower Narrow Spit and he is looking for more.  He intends to be a marine biologist when he grows up.  He has a saltwater tank in his room that he observes closely to discover any new secrets that might be revealed.  Mostly he discovers each new way his sister can sabotage his effortes.  Graeme knows there’s more to learn, but he doesn’t think he will find that in Lower Narrow Spit.  He “can’t wait” to be out and on his way.

But then his dad catches a gargantuan lobster that must be at least fifty years old.  It’s enormous and beautiful and amazing AND it is from his town… from his harbor…how could that be!   There is a twist of course.   It comes with Norris, Graeme’s least favorite schoolmate,  a mystery regarding their teacher’s stolen cactus and an auction that’s part of the town’s annual lobster festival.  An extra irritation in all of this is that Norris is the cannery owner’s son.  His family keeps the town going and he feels entitled .  He is sure Graeme will do what is “right” to give Norris and his dad what they want.

It seems like that just might be the case until more people get involved to make sure the fate of the lobster nor Graeme’s feelings about his town and future aren’t easily sold.  It isn’t always easy to know what is best, but it is always right to do what is just.

This story is honest and true.  It will make you think and help you understand how one small event can change a life and through that one many more will be enriched too.  The more I think about it, the more I like it – what seems simple at first is not at all.