Just Grace and the Flower Girl Power

Just Grace and the Flower Girl Powerby Charise Mericle Harper

208 pages of friendship and problem solving just right for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade girls (or older ones who just want a entertaining, quick well-written story that feels good to read)

Just Grace is a wonderful friend.  She isn’t always perfect, things don’t always work out, but her intentions are always from the kindest, most thoughtful place in her heart.  That’s why I like her.  In the first book from the Just Grace series we learn that Grace draws comics and that she has the super power of empathy.  Those key strengths are carried with her throughout the series.  Eight books later, Grace’s neighbor, Augustine Dupre is getting married.  How wonderful and exciting!  But Grace is not chosen to be the flower girl.  Once over that disappointment, she works to figure out how to support her friend and find a way to give her the best wedding present ever. (Silver bowls are boring!)  It will take everyone working together – even Mr. Scruffers and Crinkles, the cat to make it happen.  Grace has one chance to carry out her plan.  You’ll have to read Just Grace and the Flower Girl Power to see how it goes.

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