Ranger’s Apprentice Book 2: The Burning Bridge

Your favorite Rangers are back, and they have an exciting new adventure in store.

The kingdom of Araluen is preparing for a battle with the evil warlord, Morgorath, and they need allies. Will and Gilan, the Rangers, and Horace the knight are chosen for the quest to obtain these allies. But as soon as they arrive in Celtica, a neighboring kingdom, they are suspicious. The patrol booth at the edge is deserted. Unlike the Celticans to leave something in a messy state, the group is intrigued and they keep on going until they reach the first city. Their suspicions are confirmed; the Celticans have, “abandoned ship.” The group soon finds out that this is Morgarath’s doing, and they suspect that he has some of the Celticans, for who knows what. Gilan departs, and now it is up to only Will and Horace, once orphanage enemies to face evil straight on.

 If you are a HUGE Ranger’s Apprentice fan, you might want to download this great wallpaper, accessed through clicking this link:


The link to the first book’s review here, where you’ll find some other links.

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One thought on “Ranger’s Apprentice Book 2: The Burning Bridge

  1. Hi Matt,
    I listened to The Burning Bridge on Saturday while I was walking. I started The Icebound Land right away…I am totally hooked! I watched the trailer on the website for book 6 and read the interview. That gives a taste of how fun the author is. I think he has a good time in the land he has created? Thanks for sharing this great series with me!

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