Kindred Souls

by Patricia McLachlanKindred Souls

119 pages of gentle care

Kindred Souls is a kind comforting embrace from the first.  It is like reading a poem that surrounds you with all the best people have to offer.  Jake’s grandpa, Billy, and he share a powerful bound.  They are kindred souls who know best how to support each other.    There is nothing unusual in what they do and in how they are together but that is what makes everything about their relationship extraordinary.

Jake says, “After I do my chores, Billy and I take our daily walk around the farm.  Everyday I’m not in school we take the same walk.  It isn’t boring.  It is peaceful and what Billy calls “predictable.”

“I like predictable,” says Billy.  “I like the spring rain.  I like summer heat.  I like thunderstorms with lightning all around.  I like the wind and snow in winter.”

I like the feeling of gentleness and care of ordinary and the contentment of time well spent because the things that are truly important are more likely to be noticed.

Hummingbirds, the changing of the seasons, sod houses, the sights and sounds of the prairie, family and angel dogs are important parts of this story that helps us notice what is important to see.