Little Dog, Lost

Little Dog, Lostby Marion Dane Bauer

197 pages especially for intermediate dog lovers

Buddy is a little black dog with four brown paws and a brown mask.  She has a ruffle of fur beneath her whip of a tail and ears like airplane wings that droop just so at the tips.  Her coat is satiny smooth.  She used to have a boy who loved her and took care of her, but now she is a lost little dog who only hears yells:  “Hey you!” and “Shoo!”

Mark is a boy who lives with his mom, the mayor of Erthly.  He has no dad so mostly he is home alone.  He is cared for and planned for but alone.  He wishes for a dog – his friend and companion.  He has read every book he can find on dogs and dog care.  He knows all there is to know, but his mother absolutely refuses – NO DOGS!

Charles Larue is a shy old man.  He lives in a mansion in the center of town.  Once he had taken care of the lady there; now he lives alone in the inherited house keeping his promise to take care.

Buddy, Mark and Larue each long for something and longing means hope.  Buddy hopes for a boy.  Mark hopes for a dog park where dogs can be free to play with their friends in safety.  Larue wants something, though he is not sure what.  One lonely night while Mark is lying in bed trying to figure out how to petition the City Council (remember his mom is the “No Dogs” mayor) for a dog park Buddy overcome with loneliness calls, “Bark!  Bark! Aaaawwwoooo!”  Mark hears, “Mark!  Mark! I need you!” He scoots out of his house in search of this dog.  Larue watches from his mansion tower and sees the almost meeting of the dog and boy in the night and that’s when he realizes he needs a friend.

The dog is afraid.  Mark is scared he will fail.  Larue hasn’t spoken to anyone in so long he’s not sure he knows how and certainly doesn’t know how to find a friend.  How will them meet?  How will they satisfy their longings for a home, a park, a friend? You’ll have to read Little Dog, Lost to find out – it’s not quite what you think, and that keeps it interesting.  Little Dog, Lost is written in verse – each word is carefully chosen and placed in the perfect spot. You won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling each time you think of this story. It’s a great book to read if you’re in need of a friend.