The Best of Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl had so many great books! I will share a few of his that I liked so much that I have read so many times. Boy and Going Solo I have already reviewed, but the ones that I’m going to review are shorter reads and are just as great.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

5 Golden Tickets are released into 5 Wonka candy bars all around the world. After 4 tickets our found, Charlie’s parents, struggling to ‘make end’s meat’, give him a chocolate bar and as expected, no ticket. But by some miraculous stroke of luck, Charlie gets a golden ticket. The spectacular adventure that awaits him is far more than anything that he could have imagined. But meeting Mr. Wonka himself is one of the unimaginable adventures in itself. This has two movie takes on it and again, is one of Roald Dahl’s Ultimate Classics.

The Magic Finger

The Greggs are a normal family. They live in their normal house, go about their daily activities. The dad and his sons hunt. But this makes their eight year old neighbor very cross. And being cross is the thing that activates her ‘magic finger.’ Her magic finger punishes people for the things that make her cross. For example, the magic finger turned her teacher into a cat because the teacher called her stupid. And now the magic finger has done something horrendous to the Greggs, without the girl being able to control it. This is a quick read, but so not underestimate this book at all.

The Enormous Crocodile

The Enormous Crocodile is a VERY ENORMOUS CROCODILE! And he wants to dine on some “sweet, juicy” children. But all of his animal friends try to talk him out of committing this “dastardly deed”. The jungle animals cannot convince him not to do it, but they are not giving up. Read The Enormous Crocodile to find out what happens.

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Deadweather and Sunrise

Deadweather and Sunrise (The Chronicles of Egg, #1)by Geoff Rodkey

296 pages of danger, suspense and adventure – it’ll surprise you

Deadweather Island is miserable; hot and humid, desolate and dull.  It sits to the west of Sunrise, totally cut off from the rest of the world by the pirate-infested waters of the Blue Sea.  Egg is acutely aware of the oppressive weather and landscape.  He knows nothing but the dreary life on the island, the endless work on the ugly fruit plantation and the constant fear of attack by his brother, sister, tutor or pirates who work the plantation too.  On the day of his thirteenth birthday Egg’s father mysteriously decides to sail the whole family to Sunrise Island on errand. Egg’s father meets with his lawyer and then heading into the fancy island inn for lunch, meets the wealthy and powerful, Mr. Pembroke.  Mr. Pembroke feigns interest in the plantation and brings the family to his hilltop home full luxurious comforts and delights.  As a highlight to the trip he treats them to a hot air balloon ride that unfortunately ends in terrible accident leaving Egg alone in the world.

With the loss of his family the Pembrokes take Egg in.  They treat him to the best weeks of his life.  He is never hungry.  He has all the books he could wish to read.  He becomes friends with Millicent, the Pembroke daughter.  It seems as though his life might be turning around and then Egg discovers Mr. Pembroke is not all he claims to be.  His generosity is not because he feels responsibility for the loss of his family, but because Egg has something he wants – the Deadweather plantation.  Egg knows that Pembroke will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  Egg must run for his life.  He must get back to Deadweather and that seems impossible.  How can a boy who has nothing escape from a man who has everything – wealth, power, and authority.

Read The Chronicles of Egg – Deadweather and Sunrise to discover how the first leg to the journey unfolds as one disaster leads to the next adventure that leads to the next challenge only to begin again.  Egg is caught in the race of his life, or rather the race for his life.  It is uncertain whether he can survive.

I have to say it took me a while to get into the book.  It was hard for me to like the characters at first.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend time with them, but by the end I wanted them to stay a little longer.  I like resourceful, kind Egg a lot.  I wonder how Millicent will cope. I even have a soft spot for Guts.  I’ll be looking for the next Chronicle of Egg and will be ready to reading the moment I open the cover.