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Ogden Nash was born 110 years and nine days ago, on August 19, 1902. He was a very well known American poet, famous for his humorous poetry and uplifting verses. He lived 68 years, dying in 1971. During his 68 years, he published 14 volumes of poetry and wrote more than 500 pieces of comic verse. He has a house in North Hampton, NH by the beach, and was buried in that town as well. The house has a plaque dedicating him to it. Ogden Nash’s poems will always be fun to read.

A Caution To Everybody

by Ogden Nash

Consider the auk;
Becoming extinct because he forgot how to fly, and could only walk.
Consider man, who may well become extinct
Because he forgot how to walk and learned how to fly before he thinked.

Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1874. He is VERY well known for his poems about nature, New Hampshire, New England and how inspirational and thought-provoking his poems are. He lived in a lot of places in his 88 years, but he lived in Derry, New Hampshire in a farmhouse for the majority of his life. Now it is owned by the state and you can now tour it for a very little fee. I did it once, because I studied him in fourth grade, and it was very interesting. I saw the kitchen that the Frost family ate most of their meals in and sat in the chair that Robert Frost sat in almost every day, reading the paper. It is a good experience to have, since Robert Frost will always be one of the best known poets in America. One of his most famous poems is called,  “The Road Not Taken,” and it is deeply inspirational.

Click here to hear Robert Frost read to you, “The Road Not Taken”.


 Shel Silverstein was a lot of things. An American poet for sure, but he was also a singer-songwriter, cartoonist, musician, screenwriter, composer and author of children’s books. His black and white cartoon style of drawing always intrigued me and the story/poem that went along with it was always great as his poetry makes you think about things that don’t exist, but the problems that they have very much exist. My favorite one of his works is entitled The Missing Piece and it is about a ball/circle, looking for it’s missing piece that is shaped like a wedge. He has so many speacial accomplishments. Shel Silverstein died on May 8, 1999, aged 68.

This is a sad poem that Shel Silverstein wrote, about Cloony the Clown. Here is the link:

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