Cinderella Smith – The More the Merrier

Cinderella Smith: The More the Merrierby Stephanie Barden

144 page middle grade tale of friendship, kindness and fun

Cinderella Smith is one of a kind.  She’s “vexylent.”  It may not be a real word, but it could be.  Combine very with excellent and you know Cinderella’s meaning.  Cinderella likes words and she likes to play around with them.  In third grade, Cinderella is determined to win her school spelling bee. It is important to her because, of course she would like to win, and because the winner plans a class party. She wants to plan a party everyone can enjoy.  She doesn’t want her once good friend, Rosemary T., to win. She’ll plan a unicorn party and that’s something that only Rosemary T. and her posse of friends will like. That doesn’t seem right to Cinder – a party should be fun for everyone.

While studying words with her friends, Erin and Charlie, Cinder notices that Rosemary T. has been using some pretty mean ones lately. Cinder’s parents are on a trip, her aunt is taking care of her and Rosemary T. is spreading rumors around the class.  She’s decided that Cinder is babyish and weird.  It doesn’t feel good to be excluded and Cinder , in desperation,  gives her the silent treatment. Aunt Flora helps her understand how important it is to be yourself and enjoy life. While creating “pancake surprise,” Cinder learns that putting tons of ingredients together makes very tasty pancakes.  And her idea of “the more the merrier” is born. This philosophy spills over to school and Cinder finds a way to include everyone.

You’ll learn some pretty great words by reading Cinderella Smith – the More the Merrier and you’ll also find some good friends.  They know they’re different, but they’re okay with that.  There are no adventures in “same.”

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