Mysteries According to Humphrey

Mysteries According to Humphreyby Betty Birney

You’ll be happy happy happy you read it

One day Mrs. Brisbane was reading an exciting Sherlock Holmes mystery, The Red Headed League, to the class and is teaching the students of Rm. 26 to be word detectives. The next day she was missing.  Humphrey doesn’t understand how this could be.  When she left the night before she said “See you tomorrow.”  She’d never broken her word before.

Mrs. Brisbane is gone.  Mr. E is the substitute teacher who doesn’t seem to be teaching or helping his friends learn.  Humphrey must help them on his own.  He must collect the clues and bring Mrs. Brisbane back.  He must find out what happened and how he is involved.  Mrs. Brisbane’s first note said, “I was all because of Humphrey.”  It seems that one mystery leads to more.  Humphrey is unsqueakably confused but is as determined as Sherlock Holmes to put all the pieces together until all the mysteries are solved and Mrs. Brisbane is found.  Finally then Og, Humphrey and all the students in Rm. 26 can be GLAD GLAD GLAD.

To find out more about Humphrey, Betty Birney’s love of mysteries and Sherlock Holmes and even some silly Frog jokes click here to go to Betty Birney’s website.

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