Ordinary Magic

Ordinary Magicby Caitlen Rubino-Bradway

278 pages for intermediate and middle grade readers who want a little magic and a little fairness in their lives.  Ordinary?  What is that?

When ordinary is not normal and normal is an illusion, how can you be sure of what you know?  Abby Hale is the youngest of five.  On her twelfth birthday she heads to the guild where the mages will give her some tests and learn what magical abilities and talents will be.  The Judging is an exciting to day!  Abby can hardly wait to discover her magical ranking.  Her family has gathered.  A celebration has been planned.

Abby walks through the door and into the testing – her score… zero.  Abby Hale – youngest of an important magical family, sister of one with a nearly perfect score … has no magic.  She has nothing.  She is nothing.  She is an “ord.”

In one moment Abby’s life is changed.  What will she do?  How will she survive in a place where she is no longer wanted and no longer safe?  Though Abby has a family who loves and accepts her for who she, that is not typical.  Traditionally Ords are abandoned or sent away.  Having no value to society, they are sold or stolen and forced to do things only the non-magical can do.  King Stephen wants to change that – but will it be in time to help Abby?

Ordinary Magic is fun.  You’ll like the new places this book takes you, but it will make you think.  Ordinary…what does that really mean?

2 thoughts on “Ordinary Magic

  1. I do too. I was so struck by how carelessly disposable people were – and then I realized how true that is now in our lives and society. I can’t wait to see how kids think about this – I hope lots of people will read and discuss it – the more varied the ages the better IMHO.
    Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. I could not agree more. Ordinary Magic is a 5star debut IMHO. Because Abby is an outcast Ord (who as you said is accepted by her own family) it made me think of all those kids who are different or bullied. Rubino Bradway took that and turned it into an exciting book with a lesson. A plus is that the side characters are developed so well. I hope theres a sequel.

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