The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs

The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springsby Betty Birney

reviewed by the students in 3E – 2012

Sassafras Springs is a small town in Missouri.  Eben doesn’t think there’s anything exciting about his town.  He wants to go somewhere new; someplace special like the Seven Wonders of the World.  His dad challenges him with a bet:  if he can find seven wonders in Sassafras Springs in seven days his dad will buy him a train ticket to visit his cousins in Colorado.

Eben begins his amazing adventure through his town, listening to people’s stories and hearing about their unique adventures.  Will he find the wonders in time?  Will he be able to go.  Read The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs to find out.

If you’d like to see how Betty Birney got the idea for Sassafras Springs click in this link.  Sassafras Springs is based on a real place.

I am Number Four

I am Number Four

by Pittacus Lore

10 years ago the Mogadorians invaded the planet Loriens because they were running out of resources for food and water. All of the Loriens fought gallantly but the Mogadorians took them down without a fight. If the Loriens didn’t do something their race would become extinct. They managed to get 9 garde and nine cepan off of the planet and onto a rocketship that would fly to the land that was closest, Earth. Before leaving each of the gardes was assigned a number so if the Mogadorians were to try to kill the last of the Loriens in fear they would get theirlegacies and restore the planet that is rightfully theirs they would have to be killed in the order of their number. With only their cepans to guide them, the young and powerless gardes have to spread out and go into hiding. Even though they look like all the other humans in the world, they can tell who they are so they will never be safe.


Number four has just got 3rd scar. He is next in line. He will be killed next. Number Four must relocate and go into hiding immediately. He knows that he must develop his legacies fast in order to protect himself, his cepan and most importantly his race. To find out if he can do this before the Mogadorians track him and find him read I Am Number Four.


The ages that are recommended for this book are for 6th graders and any age above because of the tiny bit of romance. I loved reading this book because there was action that never ended. I also enjoyed reading the sequel; The Power Of Six were I learned more about the Loriens and some other events that tie perfectly into the story. These were great adventures that have you getting to know and like the characters, feel the suspense and have you wanting more. I am looking forward to reading the third book. READ IT!

~Jenny Long “READ IT!” Review

The Hunger Games

North America has split into 12 districts. When the number gets higher the poorer the district gets. A girl in district 12 named Katniss Everdeen is having a tough time getting food for her familiy, on top of her father dying, and having her mother in the house since the tragedy happened. But with her extreme skill in archery she manages to get by. The Hunger Games are approaching and the picking of the contestants is about to begin. The  hunger games is where one person from each district is choosen to compete in an arena in the capital where the contestants are to fight for their lives. The last one to live is the winner and gets to live in one of the Victor’s Mansions in their district. When the hunger games picks her sister, Primrose, Katniss takes her sisters place to be in the hunger games. Along with her teammate Peta Melark they head to the arena where Katniss uses her extreme archery skill to battle for her life.


A movie of The Hunger Games is coming out in March!

Review by Jenny

Gilda Joyce – Physic Investigator

Gilda Joyce – Psychic InvestigatorGilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator (Gilda Joyce, #1)

By:Jennifer Allison

Fiction, mystery and comedy

5 Stars

Review by: Sophia

Gilda Joyce – Physic Investigator is going to be the most action packed mystery book you’ll ever read. I couldn’t put it down. This thrilling novel by Jennifer Allison is bound to have you hooked until the very end, from all of the creepy truths Gilda and her cousin, Juliet, find to the ghost that is said to haunt their mansion. The plethora of events is sure to keep you reading. I absolutely loved it! This awesome novel is about a 13-year-old girl named Gilda Joyce. She ends up going to her gloomy cousin house for the summer to help her write a novel that she promised her class by the end of the summer. The tower outside the mansion is where her aunt is said to have committed suicide.  Gilda Joyce loves to go explore creepy places so she of course tried to open the tower door but it wouldn’t open.  What will happen you ask?  Well you have to read and find out.  Jennifer Allison has written three other novels.  You might like to read them all.

Gilda Joyce: The Ghost Sonata (Gilda Joyce, #3)Gilda Joyce and the Ladies of the Lake (Gilda Joyce, #2)Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop (Gilda Joyce, #4)

Pendragon – Book One: The Merchant of Death

The Merchant of Death (Pendragon, #1)Pendragon – Book 1:  The Merchant of Death

By: D.J Machale

Review by: Adil

Five out of five stars

I’ve read some of the best books ever (well, in my opinion), Harry Potter, Eragon, and many others, but this is my favorite book of all. I loved the book so much because of the plot and the characters. I liked the characters because they are mysterious, funny, and always seem to be open (besides one named Loor). It’s a great, page turning fantasy that I couldn’t put down. The main character, Bobby, is a seemingly normal 14 year-old. He goes to school, and is a basketball star. He’s normal in every way besides the fact that he’s a Traveler. I can’t say anything about travelers without either confusing you or giving important stuff away, but I guarantee it makes the book a lot more interesting. Read it and find out!

The Penderwicks

The Penderwicks

The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy (The Penderwicks, #1)reviewed by Gus

The Penderwicks is a five star must read. It’s about 3 girls that are always getting into trouble, a strange boy with a mother who is no fun and summer fun. I think the sequel; The Penderwicks on Gardam Street is just as good, without the boy. The third has just come out, but I have not read it yet. This series is written by Jeanne Birdsall and is realistic fiction. If you want comedy, fun, and a hard to put down read, The Penderwicks is for you.

The Sherlock Files: The Hundred Year Old Secret

The Sherlock Files The Hundred Year Old Secret

By Tracy Barrett

The 100-Year-Old Secret (The Sherlock Files)Genre: Mystery

Rating: 5 Stars

Review by: Ryan

Summary: Xena and Xander find out they are related to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes when they move to London from the United States. They are given Mr. Holmes’s casebook. When they receive the casebook they will try to solve a mystery any way they can but, they don’t know how dangerous mystery solving can be.

Ryan’s Review: I loved this book because I was on the edge of my seat through out the whole book. I also like mystery because I like to guess what’s going to happen next.

If you didn’t like the first book or thought it was ok try reading these books

  • The Beast of Blackslope (2nd)
  • The Case That Time Forgot (3rd) (The best book in the series)
  • The Missing Heir (4th) (I haven’t read this yet! It just came out)

All of these books are great and even better than the first!

If you like mystery, action, solving things and putting yourself in the characters shoes you will definitely like this book! This book will make you read the others!

There are not many slow or boring parts in this book, which, I think a lot of people like. The only parts that are slow are when they are thinking about the case or at the start of the book when they introduce you to Xena and Xander. All of this kept me reading all of these books.

Tracy’s new book Dark of the Moon! Coming this fall!

Close to Famous

Title: Close to Famous

Author: Joan Bauer

Close to FamousGenre: realistic fiction

Review by: Isabel

When a young girl with a severe learning disability is hit with a wave of reality, she must survive with only her single mom, and a cooking TV show for comfort.  However, all is not lost when her mother’s abusive boyfriend strikes.  Can Foster Mc Fee save her family with her newfound passion to bake?

My name is Isabel, and I am here to tell you about a book called Close to Famous by Joan Bauer.  This is realistic fiction, and I recommend it to anyone who loves to cook or bake.  The reason why I enjoyed this book is because it was very well written and I felt like I was sitting next to the main character for almost the whole book.  This is a must read for anyone liking to someday be on television, or a chef show.  I give this story a rating of five out of five stars.  I say this because it had a great mix of sweet and sour, with a different sort of hope lingering in the text as you read.  Although it’s not part of a series, it is a fabulous novel on its own.   I feel like kids anywhere from grade 4 and up should be able to read it with parent permission.  I couldn’t name any book that was similar to this read, but only because it was unique in its own way.  I loved this book, and definitely recommend that you make it a point to check it out from your local library.  What kept me hooked on this novel was the fact that a famous actress living in Foster’s town teaches her to read and write while in return Foster taught the actress to bake.  I found that this book was full of joyful surprises.  If you want to find out what happens to Foster in her new life in Virginia, read this book!

Fire Star

Title: Fire Star

Fire Star (The Last Dragon Chronicles, #3)Author: Chris D’Lacey

Genre: fantasy

Review by: Peyton

Fire Star is a four star, fantasy novel written by Chris D’Lacey. There are dragons that go shopping for shoes and go to get their nails done. I love this book because I love dragons and the book is funny. But my favorite part of the book is that when David writes his story in the book, and what he is writing, comes true. You should read Fire Star because you will be so anxious to keep reading once you start. What kept me hooked is that there is always something new in each chapter. It is part of a series, The Last Dragon Chronicles, and this is the third.

In this part of this series, David is faced with a perilous task. Gilwania is back and the race for Ragnar’s Tooth is on. David goes on a research trip to the arctic. He writes a story that comes true. Will David survive?

If you haven’t already, read The Fire Within (#1 in the series) as well as Ice Fire (#2) before reading this book!

Conspiracy 365

Conspiracy 365

Author: Gabriella Lord

Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by: Ben

January (Conspiracy 365)

The books I recommend are from the Conspiracy 365 series. These books have nonstop action. There are 12 books and each is labeled by month. This is because there is a boy named Callumn Ormond who is on the run and has to figure out his dad’s riddle!! It’ll change the world. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a mystery.