The Council of Mirrors

The Council of Mirrorsthe ninth and final book in The Sisters Grimm Series

by Michael Buckley

Four years ago I began reading the Sisters Grimm. The series had begun awhile earlier so I read from book one to two to three and on with the dreaded words “to be continued” at the end. I found myself looking at the last words first just to see what the ending would bring.  At first that was fine, I had books to read through.  Later I would wait a year before continuing the tale … now the waiting is over.  Readers may consume this series ravenously or in savory morsels; whatever suits them best.

This year I have a group of students reading the series – “Mrs. Eaves, I couldn’t believe it when I got to the end ‘to be continued.’ How could they!”  “I know,” I nod. ” It is an exciting story.  You really want to know what happens to the character.”  “Yyyyeeesss,” they sigh.   I went to the bookstore yesterday in search of the newly published, The Council of Mirrors. I knew it was supposed to be “the end” but I must confess I looked at the final words just to be sure. There I read, “THE END” and so I began. The twists and turns of exciting challenges and adventure continue in this volume. The pain of arrogance and pride remain, and so does the joy of devotion and friendship. Trust, self-confidence, commitment and determination are what it takes to win an epic battle.  It is always that way.

The end is very satisfying along with the years of after story. The Grimms and Everafters will be with us for a long time – in their orginal tales and in the rewritings. They have a lot to show us about ourselves and what it means to live well in our world.

Read it and let us know what you think.  You can find out lots about the books and about the author at the Sisters Grimm website here.  Enjoy!