Every Soul a Star

Every Soul A Starby Wendy Mass

middle and intermediate readers will be interested to discover who is who and how lives grow and unfold

A few years ago Josie and Lyndsey suggested that I read books by Wendy Mass.  The ones they most highly recommended were a Mango Shaped Space and Every Soul a Star.  I paid attention that recommendation and read many of Wendy Mass’ books.  At last Every Soul a Star came to the top of my “to read” pile.  Lyndsey and Josie were right.  It is a book to read.  It is amazing to imagine  how such diverse people, with different lives can meet – collide – regroup – and move on changed forever.

Ally and her family has spent her whole life preparing for on total eclipse.  They built Moon Shadow, a campground at the site for best viewing for this particular eclipse and have waited years for this event.  Their campground has Unusuals like the Star Garden – full of telescopes for endless nights of star gazing or the Sun Garden – full of sun dials of all shapes and sizes to tell the time, or the Labyrinth – that will allow you to meditate on a question as you travel the paths to the center.  Annual star parties mean that friends come to meet for Meteor Showers year after year.  This year, though, thousands will be coming to the campground for this one main event.  How exciting, but change is on the way now that their mission has come to an end.

Bree has lived in the suburbs working on her social status and planning for the moment she will be discovered  and become a cover model.  Her scientist parents don’t see the value in this, but Bree lives for fashion, her A-clique friends and being as beautiful as possible at all times.  They are always sorting through data, searching for grants and investigating the stars and working to discover new solar systems, planets and galaxies. Their dream grant comes through and they are moving – no one can stay behind.

Jack failed science, not because he couldn’t do the work, but because he didn’t.  He’d rather sit in the back of class and draw or find some quiet time where he can fly.  It’s a skill that SD3 (step dad)shared before leaving.  He was into lucid dreaming and Jack developed the knack.  Knack or no, Jack will either have to attend summer school or agree to help his science teacher on the trip he is leading for amateur astronomers into following eclipses around the world. While all he wants it to be alone, Jack chooses the trip over endless dull classes and plunges himself into a social world that he can’t fade from.

Ally, Bree and Jack are so different, but also able to help and support each other to grow in ways they hadn’t known they wanted to.  When the eclipse is over each of them has become more strongly aware of both their inner worlds and the world beyond their own lives – it is a vast universe full of wonder and dreams.  Read Every Soul a Star – what dream will you discover and follow?