Brian Jacques: 1939- 2011

I was so sad to hear that Brian Jacques, Author of Redwall series (23 books!), died on February 5th, 2011.

Brian Jacques

He was 71. How he passed I don’t know, but he had a successful life. He wrote 23 Redwall books and wrote some other books. Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales and The Ribbajack and Other Curious Yarns are two other books of his. But his Redwall series was by far the most popular. I think Brian Jacques was the best animal fantasy writer of all time. Brian Jacques wrote more than 30 books! I say that is an impressive feat. Long live the spirit of Redwall!! Click here to see the Redwall website.

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  1. I was sorry to hear this news. The Redwall books were an important part of our children’s growing up.

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