Happy 101!!

 We are celebrating our 101st post on Kid’s Books 101 by sharing our first 101 books! Look closely at the picture and you’ll see some familiar titles.

Choose your favorite books, and start reading! 🙂 We look forward to sharing our next 101 titles! Let us know what you think and/or share a favorite title of your own. There can never be enough great books!


If you would like to explore the number 101, here are some books for fun!

101 Doodle Definitions101 Things to Do with Bacon101 Ways to Become a Superhero . . . Or an Evil Genius

And a book especially for Mrs. Eaves…

101 Things to Do Before You're Old and Boring

(She says “It’s not too late yet”)

I don’t know…maybe you should read it.

3 thoughts on “Happy 101!!

  1. Yes.. well she’s trying to improve by reading the book…I hope she gets some positive messages out of it! 😀

  2. Matt (and Eliza…),
    I have taken the book out. I am starting today – I think I may be able to do several of the suggested items in a day so it will not take me 101 days to become the kind of person that has lots of diverse things to share. Just wait… you may be sorry when I am no longer boring. (Can’t do anything about the old.)

  3. I have to agree with you Matt my mom is a very old lady who could use some help from that book. 🙂

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