Here Lies Linc

Here Lies Lincby Delia Ray

306 pages for readers looking to discover an unusual story that looks into the past

It’s the end of one life and the start of a new one for Lincoln Raintree Crenshaw.  The old life had two parents, each with a passion to share and teach; a small basement homeschool where lots of the other professors’ children went; and a friend, Jeeter, who maintained the cemetery next door.  It might have been a bit different, but it was happy, interesting and safe.  The new life has one parent now that Linc’s dad had passed away; a public middle school full of ordinary classes and ordinary kids; and no friends – yet, or maybe never.  Linc wasn’t sure, but he knew he was anxious, still and scared.

Day one of the new life was going okay.  In his old school, a friend had described middle school like living in ancient Egypt.  When you looked at the kids he said you’d see the pharaoh, next the high priests and nobles and after them the peasants and slaves. Linc could see that was true.  He thought he was peasant and he could live with that until American Studies class when Mr. Oliver announced THE project.  They were going on a field trip to the Oakland Cemetery and while there they were going to meet with “one of the nation’s premier cemetery experts…to lead our tour.  Charlotte Landers.”

First of all the cemetery was next door to Linc’s house.  Second of all the “expert” was his mom.  Third of all Linc knew his mom was rather unconventional, but he didn’t need his entire class to know that.  And after that day, Linc was certain they would and now he wondered why he had ever thought his life could change…

One thing leads to another and by the end of the book Linc’s life has changed – in some good ways and some not so good ways; some predictable and some totally unforeseeable.  Here Lies Linc  helps you appreciate what you have and helps you realize there is probably more to a person or a situation than you think…even when you’ve known those people and truths your whole life.  It is an interesting look at families, friends, people, history and burial rites.  How would you like your epitaph to read?

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