Behind Rebel Lines

Behind Rebel Lines by Seymour Reit is a historical fiction – that is based on a true story from back in the time of the Civil War. Emma Edmonds is a adrenaline-lover that feels it her duty to serve the in the real war, not just be on the sidelines. She has an imp voice in her head screaming it’s approval. So when Emma disguises herself as a man and enlists herself in the Union army of The Civil War, she discovers her hidden talent. Then she becomes the most valued soldier in her regiment. This book is a true story, Emma Edmonds is actually a real person. If you want to know the specific details of her real happenings, read her memoir, Nurse and Spy in the Union Army. It was published over 120 years ago but publishers have reprinted it since in readable writing.

I read this book in a book group and read it in sections, but I think you’d like it better if you read it in bigger chunks opposed to reading in small bits. If you read or have read Emma’s memoir, leave us a comment and tell me how it is. I have not read it but I will try to in the future.

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  1. The name of the picture book is “Nurse, Soldier, Spy: The Story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War Hero”. I have not read it and the cover art isn’t very good. Also there was another one I found that I had never seen. It’s “Sarah Emma Edmonds is a Great Pretender”. Its cover art is even worse. I have not read both of these books. Go to AMAZON.COM and search those books. You’ll see them.
    Having a good summer?

  2. Yes, I read Behind Rebel Lines with book groups while teaching 5th grade. What’s the name of the picture book?

  3. Have you done a book group on this book when you taught 5th grade? The book is in episodes not in a story flow and I like that once and a while. I think that the memoir looks really good.

  4. I really like this book, but agree that it is hard to read it in small amounts (for book group). I have not read Emma’s memoir. I did not know about the picture book. I’ll have to check it out! Thanks!

  5. Thanks!
    I heard about the picture book but I don’t like the cover art. It looks kind of weird but is the book good? (As far as picture books go)

  6. Matt,
    Great review. I can’t wait to read it. There is also a picture book. It came out this year. I read it in the bookstore and now think I’ll need to add it to my collection.

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