Morpheus Road: The Light

Marshall Seaver is being haunted. I know you may not believe me, and I have trouble believing it as well. He is being haunted by a character that he created in his mind. Gravedigger. Marsh thinks that he may have lost his marbles, and he is having crazy hallucinations or… or what? While Marsh is being haunted by his own creation, his friend Cooper is sent up to his parents lake house to straighten things out. Recently Coop has been getting into trouble with the police and his parents are getting him away to hopefully clear his mind. But he mysteriously disappears and nobody knows where he went. But are Marsh’s hallucinations and Cooper’s disappearance connected? Read Morpheus Road: The Light to find out.

Here are the next two in the series though I have not read them:

Coming Soon: The Blood!

5 thoughts on “Morpheus Road: The Light

  1. Thanks for the recommendation Matt I can’t wait to start the book after reading the comments I got even more excited

  2. Well, you gave me good advice not to read this at night. The scariest part for me was near the beginning. Once I was past that, the rest was good reading, although uncomfortable sometimes. D. J. MacHale doesn’t give the reader much time to relax, does he? Thanks for shaking up my reading pattern, Matt. I expect that I will read the second in the series. Not right away, though. I think my heart needs to stop racing for awhile!

  3. Scary! I usually try to read the books that you read but I think this will keep me up at night. Did you read these during the day?

  4. What got me reading was my cousin Billy recommended the Pendragon series very strongly. So we got it while we were at our rented beach house. Then I left it there and then it was there the next year I went. So I read it and then I was hooked. But after the second book of the Pendragon Series, I read the Morpheus Road book because I needed a change. It was the same author and I really really liked it as much as the Pendragon series.

  5. Yikes Matt!
    Horror!?!? I am guessing this is an author I need to become more familiar with. Is it great writing…or exciting action…or both? What got you reading?

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