I am Number Four

I am Number Four

by Pittacus Lore

10 years ago the Mogadorians invaded the planet Loriens because they were running out of resources for food and water. All of the Loriens fought gallantly but the Mogadorians took them down without a fight. If the Loriens didn’t do something their race would become extinct. They managed to get 9 garde and nine cepan off of the planet and onto a rocketship that would fly to the land that was closest, Earth. Before leaving each of the gardes was assigned a number so if the Mogadorians were to try to kill the last of the Loriens in fear they would get theirlegacies and restore the planet that is rightfully theirs they would have to be killed in the order of their number. With only their cepans to guide them, the young and powerless gardes have to spread out and go into hiding. Even though they look like all the other humans in the world, they can tell who they are so they will never be safe.


Number four has just got 3rd scar. He is next in line. He will be killed next. Number Four must relocate and go into hiding immediately. He knows that he must develop his legacies fast in order to protect himself, his cepan and most importantly his race. To find out if he can do this before the Mogadorians track him and find him read I Am Number Four.


The ages that are recommended for this book are for 6th graders and any age above because of the tiny bit of romance. I loved reading this book because there was action that never ended. I also enjoyed reading the sequel; The Power Of Six were I learned more about the Loriens and some other events that tie perfectly into the story. These were great adventures that have you getting to know and like the characters, feel the suspense and have you wanting more. I am looking forward to reading the third book. READ IT!

~Jenny Long “READ IT!” Review

3 thoughts on “I am Number Four

  1. OMG!!!! Jenny, awesome recommendation. I love this book and so does the rest of the world! 3rd book just came out can’t wait to read it!!!!!!!

  2. Dare Dare,
    The Cepan is a gardes guid and they are almost like a baby sitter (on Lorien they were) or a parent. The eventually develop legacies like, invisibility, super speed and other things that super heros could have. The Mogadoriens know that they are a Lorien because they are super strong and the Mogadoriens have been tracking them there whole life and they probably have pictures of the Loriens. It never says why but thats what I asume. I couldn’t exactly tell what genre but I think it is science fiction even though it take place right now. This is an AWSOME BOOK! I love the charecters. The second one, The Power of Six is even better than the first one. Hope you had a good vacation!

  3. Jenny,
    Thanks for the review – can you tell me more about the roles of the gardes and the cepan? How are they like what we know on earth and how are they unique to the Loriens? I haven’t read any good science fiction in a long time. That’s what is sound like even though it isn’t tagged that way. Is it that genre? I will take your recommendation. thanks!

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