The Singing Green

Eve Merriam - Author of "The Singing Green"

The Singing Green

by Eve Merriam

This is an inspiring collection of poems that will make you think about nature and the seasons like never before. The creativity and description in all these poems is incredible! When you read the stanza,

Like salt on your nose,
Like stars on your toes,
Tingles the tangy rain.

from the poem “Summer Rain”, you can almost feel the salt on your nose and you can almost see the stars on your toes. It is a great feeling to connect with poetry in such a deep way! When you read the poems that you can connect to, you think about the subject of the poem more and you realize things you didn’t realize.

For a school project, I had to complete a poetry anthology with a theme (mine was nature) with poems written by me and other authors. I chose two of these poems and I think that they are the best two in the whole collection because of the (again) creativity and description.

I am not usually a huge poetry fan, but when I came across this poem book, I formed a new opinion too. Even if you do like poetry, I think you will too!

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Sorry for the lack of an image of the book. It’s very old!

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