Breaking Stalin’s Nose

“An important book for all people living in free society.” -Peter Sis, Author of The Wall says on Breaking Stalin’s Nose.

Peter Sis makes a very good point in his quote that I think everyone who read this book would agree with. Breaking Stalin’s Nose is a thought provoking, mind-boggling novel about the Soviet Union for a lot of reasons.

Sasha Zaichik becomes worried because on the day before her Young Pioneers rally when her dad whispers in her ear, “If anything ever happens to me, go to Aunt Larisa. She’ll put you up.” That night Soviet Union night patrol come and arrest Sasha’s dad for a reason unknown to him. And things don’t get any better. He breaks a classmates glasses, and commits an “act of terrorism” by damaging a bust of the great Comrade Stalin. Will Sasha’s lifelong dream to become just like her father as she knew him, (in the words of Stalin, “He is an iron broom purging the vermin from our midst.”) to become a Young Pioneer, and then a Communist come true?

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